Wasps & Bees

The finest bee and wasp specialists on the gold coast

Pest Aid offers a range of treatments for bees and wasps, and our control team are highly trained to ensure complete safety while we rid your property of these insects.

We begin by surveying your entire property to completely understand the issue, then customise a treatment plan that will ensure we eliminate the bee or wasp problem while providing ongoing control.

Our bee and wasp control process utilises insecticidal dust aimed at the root of the issue, and in some cases, a baiting program may be implemented if the location of the hive is unclear. European wasps, in particular, are a common issue on the Gold Coast and can be particularly aggressive when threatened. Bees are an important part of the pollination process, and while they are not as threatening as wasps, they can still sting when they feel the need to.

If bees or wasps have settled on your property, our experts can provide a quick and thorough solution to have them removed.

The bees and wasps found on gold coast properties


Western Honey Bees range in size from 13mm – 16mm, and one colony can house tens of thousands of bees. They are the single most important pollinator for agriculture in the world. If they occupy a section of your property that is unused, they can sometimes be left alone.

Bees swarm in early spring and often move on within 24 hours. If they do decide to set up a hive on your property, you may notice honey dripping from wall cavities and roof voids. We recommend waiting 24 hours before calling for a treatment to see if the bees move naturally.


European wasps are a much more serious insect and should be avoided. They range from 12mm – 16mm in length with black triangle-shaped markings on their yellow bodies.

Far more aggressive than native wasps, the numbers of these wasps are growing in Australia. They are attracted to sweet foods and build nests in the ground or wall cavities. Always be careful with cans of soft drink at a picnic or BBQ as they love to crawl inside.


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