The FACTS On Termites

Termites, commonly referred to as white ants, are very small and soft bodied insects. Often mistaken as part of the ant family, termites are in fact not related. Hundreds of termite species can be found all over Australia, with some species beneficial to the recycling of dead and decaying timber. Unfortunately though, there are some species that specialise in causing economic damage to timber.

The highly detrimental species of subterranean termite travel through the ground, constantly evaluating and foraging for the best possible quality food resources.

CSIRO surveys have estimated the risk of termite attacks across Australia, and the damage is high. The facts are, one in three homes will be attacked at some stage during their life. Unfortunately, this often results in economic strife for homeowners. Due to the constraints with most home insurance policies and their tendency to not cover termite damage.

Below, a termite hazard map indicates the very real and very high threat of termite attacks for homes on the Gold Coast. Therefore, it is vital that all Gold Coast homes undertake a termite inspection before it's too late.

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