Termite FAQ's

What should I do if I locate termites in my property?

It is crucial that you leave the area untouched and call our termite response team straight away on 08 7123 0840. We will quickly assess the situation and detail your removal options to minimise and prevent further damage.

It is vital that you do not disturb or spray the termites as they will retreat into more difficult to reach areas, delaying the effectiveness of our baiting and elimination process. DON’T spray them with ANYTHING such as fly spray or insect sprays; this also causes issues with treatment and elimination.

Is spraying or baiting more effective in termite removal?

In our many years of termite removal, we have found that baiting and eliminating the colony is the most effective process when compared with chemical barrier sprays. It is very important that you do not attempt to remove the termites yourself; instead, call our termite response team straight away on 08 7123 0840.

Will more termites be attracted to my property due to the baiting system?

No, our specialised termite control stations will act as an early warning system detecting any termite activity. This will not cause more termites to appear in your home than are already present.

Can termites beat the monitoring station?

Our baiting and monitoring system has a very high success rate. The unit will emit CO2 to mimic decaying timber, a termite's preferred food source, heavily attracting the pests to the station.

My house is on a concrete slab, am I safe?

No, concrete slab homes are still susceptible to a termite attack due to construction joins, slab edges and plumbing penetration. There may also be construction faults and wear and tear through which the insects can enter.

Will black ants protect my property from termites?

Unfortunately, this is an old wives tale that is inaccurate. Black ants can attack some termites, but this will not affect the colony. Your best defence against termites is calling our team on 08 7123 0840 straight away.

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