Termite Control

Pest Aid, Your Termite Specialists on the gold coast

It is highly recommended that all Queensland properties set out a termite protection plan in accordance with the Australian Standards.

When it comes to termite protection and eradication, Pest Aid have over 30 years of experience. We know the Gold Coast, and we ensure that all of our products are, eco friendly and CSIRO approved to give you the best defence against a termite attack.

Through extensive research and scientific analysis the selection of products we use, are designed to completely eliminate termite colonies at the source. These products are extremely effective compared to the use of liquid chemicals that only create a barrier for your home.

The Pest Aid pre baited termite system PAPBTS utilises termites natural behaviour tendencies. As the termites forage for more food they eventually bring back more feed that spreads to the entire colony.

The baiting stations we set are completely tamper resistant and are designed to be inconspicuous. We position the baits strategically along the perimeter of the home or underground where we know the termites are commonly found.

These termite stations defend your home by drawing in any foraging termites. Drastically reducing the amount of termites around your home.

Prepared inside each termite station are termite tablets and milled timber that act as an ideal food source for the termites.

A thorough visual inspection of the interior
The Pest Aid termite baiting system has minimal environmental impact by restricting the use of residual chemicals.
The Pest Aid termite system is ideal for sensitive situations such as asthma sufferers, the young, the elderly and your pets.
The Pest Aid termite system is ideal for situations where all other methods have failed.


Step 1.
The inspection.

Our highly skilled team will carry out a thorough inspection of your home and grounds in accordance with Australian Standard 3660 using the latest technology in termite detection. A detailed report outlines areas of termite activity and damage along with conditions that make your home a target for termite attack.

Step 2.
Installation of above ground stations, when active termites are located.

Temporary above ground stations are installed. These stations are fitted directly to the termite workings containing the Pest Aid Termite Bait Matrix, a more attractive and alternative food source than the timbers in your home, to commence the colony elimination process.

Step 3.
Installation of Pest Aid termite monitoring stations.

The tamper resistant monitoring stations are installed around the external perimeter of the structure either in the ground or concrete as well as areas known for termite foraging: forming the basis of your termite security system.

Step 4.
Routine station monitoring and rebaiting.

The Pest Aid PAPBTS system will be routinely inspected for termite activity. The Pest Aid Termite Matrix is replenished as required, while looking for and documenting the effects of the bait on the termites.

Step 5.
Confirmation of termite colony elimination.

Once feeding on the Pest Aid Termite Bait Matrix has ceased, an assessment is carried out using a series of checks to accurately confirm and determine colony elimination.

Step 6.
Regular routine station monitoring.

It is important that we carry out regular routine inspections of the in-ground station to detect other colonies foraging in the area. If future colony termite activity is found in the outside stations they are baited and steps 4 and 5 are carried out again.


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