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While Spiders are an important part of the ecosystem there are some within the 2,000 spider species in Australia that you do not want in your home. Most spiders are not aggressive, but some that feel threatened will bite and release a venom that can result in painful or life-threatening bites.

Pest Aid can ensure your home is free from the spiders that pose a serious risk to your family's wellbeing. Call the spider control experts on the Gold Coast if you have an unpleasant spider infestation today.

The dangerous spiders common on the gold coast


The White Tail Spider is a greyish black colour, often around 12mm – 18mm in length. Usually found under bark or in leaf litter, they can also be found in linen and clothes cupboards. Most active at night while they hunt for other spiders, they inflict a poisonous and painful bite. This can often result in blistering or ulceration, which can become a serious issue if not attended quickly.


The Redback spider is a shiny, black colour with a touch of red or orange on its back. They measure approximately 4 mm – 10 mm in length and are very common across the Gold Coast and Queensland in backyards and around pools.

Females build loose, untidy webs in dry, sheltered sites that have a funnel shape at the top in which the spider will sit. There are hundreds of Redback spider bites in Queensland each year, resulting in escalating pain, localised sweating, nausea, and vomiting. If bitten, it is vital that you seek medical attention straight away.


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