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When you find yourself with a rat or mice problem, the team at Pest Aid will carefully investigate your situation to tailor a treatment program that will provide a solution.

We will run a thorough inspection and investigation which identifies all rat and mouse entry points to effectively create a way to control and prevent their infestation. This tried and tested method ensures long-term results, including sealing potential entry points for rodents. With the expert Pest Aid team on the case, you won't have to worry about a small, uninvited guest in your home again.

gold coast's rat and mice problem

The Gold Coast is home to many rat and mice variants which can cause contaminations in food, damage to electrical wires and a general level of discomfort in homes and businesses. While a rat or mouse problem does not necessarily mean an area is unclean, it can give that impression to guests or customers. The Pest Aid team have the expertise and care to manage this health risk and should be called immediately when you notice a possible infestation.

Norway Rats

Usually between 20-40cm in length, Norway rats are a brown to grey colour, with a blunt nose and small ears. They are often identifiable due to their tail being longer than their body. These rats can enter a hole the size of a 50c piece.

Do you have a Norway rat infestation?

Norway rats are active at night, which can make them hard to spot. They often live in subfloor areas under homes, outdoor burrows, or near chicken coops. 

Roof Rats Gold Coast

Roof rats can be anywhere between 16-25cm in length and are dark brown or black in colour. Also nocturnal, they prefer roof voids and trees are identified by scratching, and gnawing sounds overhead at night.

House Mice Gold coast

House mice are 7-10cm in length, a brown to grey colour, and have large eyes on a small head. They can squeeze through holes sized similar to a 10c piece and make their way into roof voids via power lines and trees. They like to use interior wall voids to move around a house and leave small droppings in cupboards or gnaw through food containers. If you notice these signs, book an assessment with the Pest Aid team today.


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