Possum problem? Let the experts at Pest Aid take care of it

Possums have become quite accustomed to the suburban and metro areas of the Gold Coast. As we have cleared away most of the possums' natural nesting sites, they have been forced into our roofs and cavities in various homes and buildings. This can lead to various forms of damage, as well as hygiene issues due to possum droppings.

Pest Aid offers a dedicated possum proofing and control team to remove the possums from areas such as roofs via a cost-effective, thorough solution. We can also help with possum proofing your home while helping the possums to get back to their natural habitat.

If you suspect you may have a possum issue at your home or business, call our expert team, who will inspect and identify possum entry points, seal them with possum proofing materials and install a temporary one-way exit to encourage your uninvited guests to leave without being able to return.

It is important to note that possums are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 which is why our team use catch and release methods of removal. Possums must not be harmed or removed without a permit. They also must be released more than 50 metres from the trapping site and relocated correctly. Fines and prosecution under the Act apply for those who do not adhere to the proper methods of removal. Play it safe and have our licenced and trained experts handle the issue for you, and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your space will be possum-free.

Popular possums Of the gold coast


Brushtail possums are the most common in the Gold Coast and have large pointed ears, grey fur and a bushy black tail. Brushtail possums often give birth in Autumn or Spring, carrying their single offspring in the pouch for six months.

Possums mainly eat fruit but enjoy a variety of vegetation or bird's eggs and baby birds.

How do you know if you have possums?

If you often hear a thumping, scratching, or hissing in the roof space during the night or see droppings and eaten fruit in the garden, you likely have some uninvited Brushtail Possums sharing your space.


Ringtail Possums are slightly smaller than a brushtail (roughly half the size of a cat) and have rounded ears, grey fur and a curled tail with a white tip. These possums are very rare and less aggressive than the brushtail possum, often building nests that can be mistaken for the home of a bird due to their use of leaves and twigs.

Do you have ringtail possums?

The signs of a ringtail possum mimic those of the brushtail. If you hear something in your roof at night, it is likely one of these two possum species, and you can have them removed the correct way by calling our expert team.


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