Flies & Mosquitoes

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The Pest Aid team are highly trained in fly and mosquito control, a prevalent issue for most Gold Coast homes. Our pest control technicians offer a meticulous survey of your property to understand which species are present and their infestation levels.

From here, we customise a control program to eliminate the problem and ensure ongoing control. Our treatments utilise a ULV residual spray with thermal fogging for a quick solution to your pest problem. We can also install fly and mosquito control light or metered-dose units to help keep future issues within control.

As flies are important pollinators, second only to bees, they are an important part of our ecosystem. In large numbers, however, their constant buzzing and settling on the skin can be both an annoyance and a health risk.

Mosquitoes are a more serious issue as they can carry diseases such as malaria, dengue, West Nile fever, yellow fever, and more. More than one million people die every year due to a mosquito bite, which is why controlling their infestation numbers is an important task. Speak to our experts about keeping their numbers low in your property today.

Pest Aid are the Fly & Mozzie control experts on the Gold Coast.

The flies and mosquitoes of the gold coast

House fly

House flies are very common on the Gold Coast and often sit around 4 to 7.5 mm in length. They are covered in tiny hairs with thousands of individual lenses in their eyes. ​As one of the most common insects on the planet, they thrive in garbage, faeces, and rotting food and can breed in large numbers causing serious health concerns.


Significant numbers of house flies in your property may mean you are dealing with an infestation. If not seen, you may simply hear their buzzing around your home, and their numbers can grow due to poor sanitation and unsealed entry points around your house.

Pest Aid are the Fly control experts on the Gold Coast.

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Mosquitoes on the Gold Coast will pierce the skin to extract blood to help produce eggs and spread their infestation even further. Once bitten, the saliva from the mosquito will cause itching and a small rash along with the risk of more significant diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, and other arboviruses. Mosquitoes are the cause of more human deaths per year than any other animal.

The signs of infestation

Mosquitoes create a high pitched buzzing sound, and if you do not notice them in the dark, you will certainly notice their bites. Adult mosquitoes are attracted to standing and stagnant water in which they lay their eggs.

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