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Seeing a cockroach scurrying around your home is never a pleasant feeling. They are a health hazard and can also leave an offensive odour. Cockroaches are also a problem for people with asthma, as 60% of asthma sufferers are also sensitive to cockroach allergens.

Cockroaches can live without food for days, which can confuse homeowners into thinking the problem has disappeared by itself, just because they haven't seen a cockroach out and about in a few days. Around 20-48% of homes with no visible sign of cockroaches have detectable cockroach allergens, which is why it is important to call our team at the first sign of cockroaches in your home or business. We will utilise control formulations such as baits, residual insecticides and glue traps to ensure your space is healthy and cockroach free.

cockroach varieties on the gold coast


One of the smaller species of cockroach at 13-16mm in length, German cockroaches love warm and well-hidden environments. They are often found in kitchens and transmit bacteria as they walk which makes for a very unhealthy combination. They have been linked to the transference of salmonella and E.coli.

Recognising a German cockroach problem

German cockroaches leave droppings and empty egg cases. They also secrete odorous compounds that have been reported as a musty smell.


The most common cockroach is the American variant which can grow up to 50mm. They feed on a large variety of foodstuffs and frequent areas where food is stored. They also transmit bacteria as they walk, causing a significant health risk.

Dealing with a cockroach infestation

American cockroaches are very fast and also have the capability of flight. Their droppings have been mistaken for mouse droppings, and the egg cases can be roughly 38 mm long. Speak to the Pest Aid team at the first sign of an American cockroach, and we'll ensure the problem is stopped dead in its tracks.


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