Effective bird control solutions On the gold coast

The Pest Aid team offer a customised bird control service drawing from a range of tried and tested approaches and products. This ensures we can create the best solution for your exact needs, including trapping, baiting, proofing, netting, spiking, and shooting.

Birds are prominent on the Gold Coast thanks to our unique architecture that makes for good nesting. Birds will often dig holes in roofs, giving them access to your home where they can leave droppings that can corrode various surfaces, including your car's paint. Droppings can also create a slip risk on sidewalks and driveways, leaving a mess that ruins your aesthetic.

On top of this, various parasites, including bird lice, salmonella (food poisoning), E.Coli, fungal infections and more, can be caused due to a bird infestation. To prevent this, call the bird control experts on the Gold Coast at Pest Aid today.

Common bird species on THE GOLD COAST


Feral Pigeons are the most common Gold Coast bird pest. Introduced by the European settlers, current-day pigeons are descendants of domestic homing pigeons.

Pigeons are capable of breeding year-round, resulting in significant numbers that nest in various areas in urban locations.

How do you know if you have a pigeon problem?

If you hear constant thumping or scratching noises in your roof or notice bird lice or nesting materials inside of your property, you likely have a bird infestation.


Starlings can cause a significant nuisance on the Gold Coast as they roost in large flocks and create a deafening noise. They can leave a significant amount of faeces which will negatively affect the health of plants, trees, and soil due to their corrosive droppings.

This situation can create a breeding ground for germs that lead to human illness while seriously damaging property.

Identifying a starling problem

Scratching and various noises in the roof space and droppings in the property are a telltale sign of a starling infestation. Contact our expert team for a fast and effective solution today.


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