The best option for an ant problem on the gold coast

The Pest Aid ant control team have years of experience and training in the elimination of all ant species. We will conduct a thorough survey of your property to determine your infestation levels and the specific species of ant. This allows our experts to tailor a destroy program to your needs, eliminating the problem and offering ongoing control.

We will often use methods such as gel baits, insecticidal dust and granules for areas inaccessible by children and pets, along with direct nest injection and barrier sprays to solve your ant issues.

Ants can damage crops and invade your property. If ants have overrun your space, call the Gold Coast's expert ant removalists at Pest Aid for a quick and cost-effective solution today.

The species of ants in your home or business

More than 12,500 ant species have been classified, all ranging in size and often working in highly organised colonies. On the Gold Coast, the two most common species of ants that will likely invade your home or business are black or meat ants.

Black Ant

Black Ants are one of the most common species globally and are dark brown or black, roughly 3-5mm in length. The queens have two pairs of wings and prefer their nests to be located outdoors in soil, hollowed trees, or under paving slabs. Black worker ants will make their way into your home in search of food and, in extreme cases, can cause structural damage by moving sand in the foundation of your home.

How to know when you have a black ant infestation

The presence of the ants in large numbers often signal that you have an infestation. They will trail from the outside and set up nests in wall cavities and roof voids.


A Meat Ant has a dark-bluish body with a red head, measuring 6–12 mm. Colonies can range in size anywhere between 11,000 to over 300,000 ants. These ants are most active during the day, and while they cannot sting, they can induce irritating bites due to a defensive fluid as a form of protection.

Do you have a meat ant infestation?

If you notice patches of disturbed soil with live ants entering and exiting them, you may have a meat ant infestation. Newly constructed suburbs, unpaved streets, gravel paths and driveways are the most common locations for a meat ant infestation. If you notice an issue, the expert team at Pest Aid can provide a quick solution.


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